Freeze UK : Undergrowth / Dangerous

Jumping with the zest of a track & field Olympian into release number thirty-three. Hocus Pocus dig deep into their burgeoning melting-pot of label talent to deliver two magical pieces of audio dynamite from long-time label collaborator… Freeze UK.

The Freeze UK story alongside Hocus Pocus goes way back to the early days of the imprint, with Freeze flexing his audio muscle on the EP offering ‘Escape Artists Volume One’ (HP005) by way of the gritty-bassline track ‘Crop Signs’.

Now armed with a fresh arsenal of banging tracks Freeze UK steps up to drop some solid Drum & Bass weight for his first solo project on the label.

A – Undergrowth

Enchanting, right from the moment you press play, Undergrowth takes you to a new world in the distant future, where the forces of nature have reclaimed the land! Melodic atmospherics set the tone, chug along & patrol the landscaped intro with eerie intent. Combining the atmospheric sound design beauty of the New Forest alongside industrial heavy-duty basslines that bob and weave in ferocious tandem with uncompromising dirty beats! Powerful, punchy and pulverising… this is definitely not one to be ignored!

AA – Dangerous

Dangerous is a machine-driven, space-like steppa, with chunky beats and clever percussion to boot. Right from the start, beautiful haunting pads add mystery and suspense to the intro. The filtered drums quickly open up to reveal well-placed percussion, fat kicks and snares that add piercing depth to this piece of audio weight. When the wonky tunnel-bass drops, the track quickly enters warp speed, powering through the darkest of wormholes & into the depths of deep space… dangerous!

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