Templar / Come Get Yours (Nian Dub Remix)

Fresh off the back of Erbman’s firing release Hocus Pocus are back with more audio devastation in the form of 2 futuristic Jungle/DnB tracks from up coming Manchester duo Nian Dub.

Nian Dub have been crafting their innovative sound over the last few years and have now started to appear on the scene with their trademark productions. We feel it will not be long before this duo goes inter-stellar in the Drum and Bass world, with their trademark fusion of Dub, Techno and Jungle. We are very chuffed they have graced the label with their creative talents on the way to the top of the forward thinking and innovative aspect of Drum and Bass, when you hear these tracks, we are sure you will agree!

A – Templar

‘Templar’ is the 2nd original piece Nian Dub have released on the label and yet again we see them coming with a fresh look on Jungle with this track being no exception! The deep and Dub like intro shows a nod to the traditional elements of the music before an all out bass assault ensues. Percussive and driving Bass along with clever percussion and textures, makes this track one of a kind and a fresh tribal look on the Jungle sound for 2016 and beyond!

AA – Dawn Raid – Come Get Yours (Nian Dub Remix)

Nian Dub have taken one of Dawn Raid’s seminal tracks ‘Come Get Yours’ on the label and given it their ‘future’ touch! Maintaining the moody tech vibe of the original. The guys have re-worked it into a more tech infused abstract piece, combining the mysticism of Dub with the metallic sharpness of Techno, the result is a full on, bass powered, tribal workout that just keeps pulverising you into dance floor submission! Heavy!

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