Fatal Attraction / One Brick

Hocus Pocus is proud to present their 21st release in the form of two heavy dance floor tracks from label owners Dawn Raid.

A – Fatal Attraction
Another deep dancefloor track that will be a potent weapon for any DJ to draw for. ‘Fatal Attraction’ buys in to what are now becoming Dawn Raid’s trademark elements… by building a very soulful landscape laden with instrumentation as the intro sets the foundation for the track. This is complemented very nicely by a heartfelt vocal acrobatic flourish that entice the listener into the all-important groove. As the track builds, the listener is transported to the drop via big basslines that slam in with utter devastation! 808 distortion and hard beats then commence do their job to great effect! big!

AA – One Brick
Dawn Raid come correct for those who like that authentic rinse out with this big amen track! Not for the faint hearted! This track kicks off with a gritty but affecting, Motown style sample which sets the tone nicely for what’s about to ensue. Upon the drop, Dawn Raid up the temperature to dancefloor destruction level with classic full throttle basslines which complement the unyielding drum work… rolling out with ferocious intent! Definitely one to get the party started.

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