New Tokyo EP

Hocus Pocus is proud to present to you the debut EP from label scientist Fire Syne, with the ‘New Tokyo’ EP!

Fire Syne is no stranger to the roster with releases alongside Sudden Def. Style wise, we see him offering up deep and tech infused cuts that take you on a journey of cybernetic and dystopian proportions, with sharp beats and even sharper basslines!

A – New Tokyo
Kicking off the EP with this razor sharp hard stepper that begins with a haunting oriental melody with ghost like vocals sweeping through and building up to the drop. A dark and surgical bass then slices and dices alongside equally sharp beats as this track steps out, twisting and turning throughout with menacing precision!

B – Equinox
Computerised percussion and deep textures introduce the beats leading us into a roller of clinical proportions! Cybernetic stabbing bass keeps this track rolling as deep chords pulse in and out throughout the track, a clever blend of organic and synthetic as if it was a cyborg in musical form, Hard!

C – Diva
Liquid style chords and heartbeat style beats bring us into this track and lead to the drop, where we slide into a warm low bass with sharp stepping beats, aided by haunting chopped vocals that dance around the melody with mechanical meticulousness!

D – Black Keys
We begin with deep textures and flaring synths, which give rise to distant piano stabs that set the tone for this track. As the build up nears, logical drums ensue, paving the way to a mechanised sweeping bass that drives this track throughout, complimented by haunting piano stabs and even more haunting vocals!

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