The Masters of Illusion EP Vol 1

After a very brief hiatus HOCUS POCUS is proud to present their next release of 2017! Next up we have a full force all-encompassing EP by a group of stellar underground dnb artists who are most definitely ones to keep an eye on!

Randall – Thanks lads!

Nicky Blackmarket – Big EP!!!! – 5/5

Bailey – Downloading right now!

DJ Hype – !!!!!!!! – 3/5

DJ Marky – Next Chapter smashed it! – 4/5

Ray Keith – Banging love it will support club and radio – 5/5

Grooverider – Good! – 3/5

Kenny Ken – Good release! – 4/5

A Sides – Margaman & Dawn Raid for me!! – 4/5

Dazee – Wicked release! Thank you! – 5/5

Serum – Margaman riddim is solid!! – 4/5

DJ Shorty – Madness, these cuts are sick! Big up Hocus Pocus for the dope releases! – 5/5

DJ Hybrid – Wicked EP! – 4/5

Aries – Killer EP guys! – 5/5

Cool Hand Flex – Massive!! – 5/5

Sappo – Big EP guys! – 5/5

Mark XTC – Wow! – 4/5

Also being spun by; Aphrodite / Tyke / Cabbie / DJ Chef / Donovan Bad Boy Smith / Funky Flirt / Critical Dub etc etc!

Delivering 4 floor shaking cuts that will not disappoint no matter your preference of beats & bass… Hocus Pocus presents… The Masters of Illusion EP Vol 1.

A – Margaman : Obeahman

We kick off with this dark little moody roller which goes straight in with classic cantankerous percussion, accompanied by movie style yardman vox that break for the drop. Heavy classic low oscillating bass ensues rolling the track out in true junglist fashion with clever edits throughout. Setting the pace for the EP and a true dance floor showdown!

B – Kumarachi : Informer

Kumarachi goes back to the golden hard hitting dnb era of the mid 00’s with this cut. A rolling intro breaks down into a build-up guided by well-placed militant clash vocals! The drop hits you with a classic infectious grinding bassline that sends the place into meltdown, and has already devastated dancefloors on dub. The track has lots of intricate switches in the bassline to keep the ravers bubbling throughout. Damage!

C – Dawn Raid – Keep Me Warm

Another soul-filled dancefloor track that will be a sureshot missile in any DJ’s track list. Label head honchos Dawn Raid’s ‘Keep Me Warm’ buys into their trademark characteristics… by building a very soulful sample laden landscape with soul/rnb samples rife as the sun-drenched vocals set the footing for the track. Upon the drop, the elements are complemented very nicely by a big rollin’ bassline groove that pulsates till the tracks conclusion. Sweet.

D – Next Chapter – Inside Out

This one rolls in from an artist who has opened the Next Chapter of his production prowess. ‘Inside Out’ borrows from those 80’s rare groove vibes, and rolling beats start this track off correct building up to the drop. Absolute devastation ensues in the form of big, classic distorted bass stabs and crunchy, hard rolling beats throughout, which will take any dance floor up to fever pitch! A true rolling banger that finishes off the EP leaving you wanting more!

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